Motto: Working together works

. Plan of action: Council will act like student quality assurance cell. It will be instrumental in enhancing the quality of education by developing quality culture among students. Activities proposed eventually
  • Value education programme to all classes.
  • Observation and celebration of significant days.
  • Leadership training programme.
  • Brainstorming session to students about quality enhancement.

FONDOS (Finance)

Motto:"To enhance the financial analysis skills of the students."

The following activities are planned for this academic year:
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • Money Talk: Pick and speak competition composing topics like financial involvement, terms and definitions.
  • An Argument: Debate on a given common topic prior to the competition.
  • Bid and Win: Written Quiz competition.
  • The Analyst: solving a given financial case.
  • Financial Crossword
  • Make my portfolio.
  • Audit: Balance sheet rectification.
  • Black And White: Tax Evasion.
Extension activities:-
  • Awareness to the students of high school about opening up of bank account.
  • Provide basic information to P.U.C students on the working of stock market.
  • Providing information and awareness to students on how to identify legitimacy of currency notes.
  • Conducting Quiz competition to high school students.
  • Awareness about educational loan to P.U.C students.
  • Guest lecture on financial aspects by resource persons.
Venue for the activities: Room No- 203

VENTA (Marketing)

Motto: "To create awareness among the students about various dimensions of marketing."

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • Brand wars
  • Flash marketing
  • Inter class marketing quiz
  • Slogan writing competition
  • Logo designing
  • SWOT analysis of marketing environment
  • Product launch
  • Mad ad Competition
  • Marketing treasure hunt
  • Jingle writing
  • Hard sale
  • Best tie up.
Extension activities:-
  • Visiting the marketing department of various organizations.
  • Interview the marketing professionals and preparing a report on it.
Venue for the activities: Room No. 202

RESOURCE HUB (Human Resource Development)

Motto:"Motivating the student to develop and improve the level of performance and enhances the spirit of team work."

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • Save your shame.
  • Character showdown competition.
  • Mock interview.
  • Guest lectures on HR.
  • Collage making,
  • Radio tantra.
  • Face off.
  • Allegation Competition.
  • First impression.
  • Paper presentation.
  • Flip side competition.
  • Networking competition
Extension activities:
  • Visiting school & conducting personality development programmes.
Venue for the activities: Room No, 204


Motto : To Inculcate financial independence among the students

  • Inauguration and orientation
  • Commerce Chronicle- Daily news letter’s carrying current information relates to business and finance
  • Conduct Colloquium
  • Debate on current issues
  • Campus Quiz
  • Mock Press
  • Guest lecture on information system audit
  • Paper presentation
  • Guest lecture on relevance of retail banking services
  • Meet the C.E.O
  • Collage


Motto: To give a legal orientation on business to the students of Business Management

The following activities are planned for this academic year

  • Inauguration and orientation Programme
  • Creating awareness about consumer protection Act
  • Conducting guest lecture
  • Conducting Paper presentation Competition
  • Organizing business Law and Quiz
  • Conducting pick and speak competition
  • Conducting Legal Business Photography

Extension activities:

  • Visiting various companies to understand the business law and ethics
  • Visiting District Court, Mangaluru

“SAMVRADHI” – Consumer Club

Motto/ Vision : “Let light on your Right”

Theme : “Aware! Alert! And Act!!!”


  • To make the student responsible as a consumer.
  • To create the awareness of consumer right among students.
  • To mobilize youngsters by instilling them in the spirit of consumer protection and strengthen consumer movement.

Activites :

  • Practical Training on consumer rights
  • International Consumer’s Day celebration
  • National Consumer’s Day celebration
  • National Consumer Week celebration
  • Moot court
  • Visit to Dakshina Kannada consumer information centre.
  • Visit to Dakshina Kannada consumer federation organization office.
  • Visit to Zilla Panchayath, consumer forum, Metallurgy department office, etc.

SCAN (Computer Applications)

Motto: "Empower the students to excel in the field of technology and improve their computing skills to enable them to face the competitive world."

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • Quick Hands
  • Tagger
  • Captcha Cracker
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Gaming
  • Web Designing
  • Excel
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Paint Brush
  • Toggle-Toggle
  • IT Collage
  • Memory Test
  • IT Quiz
  • Guess the part
  • Coding and Debugging
Extension activities:
  • Student Internet World to high school students.
  • Computer literacy to primary students of Govt/aided schools.
  • Organizing short term computer course to college students.
Venue for the activities : Room No. 208 and LAB


Motto:"To sharpen the linguistic skills & to bring out the hidden talents/creativity of the students.”

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • Tom, dick & Harry.
  • Pictionary Competition.
  • Literary Quiz.
  • Kannada Debate.
  • Pick & speak competition.
  • Find the objects.
  • Kannada Bhavagita.
  • Essay writing competition- ( English, Hindi, Kannada),
  • Patriotic Song Competition- (English, Hindi, Kannada).
  • Elocution competition- (English, Hindi, Kannada).
  • Poem writing competition (English, Hindi, Kannada).
  • Story writing competition (English, Hindi, Kannada).
  • Slogan writing competition (English, Hindi, Kannada).
  • English Debate.
  • Innovative signature competition.
  • Skit.
Extension activities: The above activities are implemented through Allegory (English), Vikasana (Kannada) and Spuran (Hindi) associations. Venue for the activities: Room No. 302 (English), 303 (Kannada), 304 (Hindi)


Motto: "Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it."

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • College Anthem competition
  • Singing.
  • Painting.
  • Dancing.
  • Mehandi.
  • Variety competition.
  • Collage.
  • Rangoli.
  • Flower arrangement.
  • Mime.
  • Nail art.
Extension activities: Organizing training in various forms of fine arts in schools. Venue for the activities: Room No. 205 Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves, Lord Chesterfield


Motto: "To enhance Physical, Mental and Spiritual development of the student."

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Interclass Foot Ball
  • Interclass Chess
  • Inter Collegiate Chess
  • Interclass Kabaddi
  • Interclass Volley Ball
  • Interclass Volley Ball
  • Interclass Cricket
  • Interclass Cricket
  • Inter Collegiate Cricket
  • Interclass Throw Ball
  • Inter Collegiate competitions as sanctioned by University.
Extension activities:- • In association with Kasturba Medical College, our college students will be participating in the world heart day Marathon event. • Coaching to school children.


Motto: NOT ‘ME’ BUT ‘YOU’.

NSS Comprises of various clubs like
  • Energy Club
  • Blood Donors Club
  • Legal Cell
  • Anti-Drug Cell
  • Campus Maintenance Club
  • Red Ribbon Club
The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • One Day Camp - Mangala Joythi.
  • Guest Lecturer-Personality Development & Public Speaking [lst year].
  • Vanamahostava.
  • Awamess Programme - On Dengue and Malaria.
  • One Day Camp – Govanithashram
  • Blood Grouping.
  • Street play.
  • Guest Lecturer-Rain Water Harvesting
  • Orphanage Visit
  • One Day Camp.
  • Awamess Programme - Road Safety.
  • Sadhbhavana day celebration.
  • Anti-atomic/Hiroshima Day(6th Aug)
  • Campus Cleaning.
  • NSS Day celebration.
  • Guest Lecturer for Girls Students (Women empowerment/ Regarding health).
  • Certificate course on yoga and meditation.
  • Annual Camp.
  • Awarness Programme.
  • Blood Donation.
  • Street Play.
  • Essay and Slogan writing competition.
  • Socio-Economic Survey.
  • Beach Cleaning,
  • Guest Lecturers on Food, Health and Nutrition.
  • Guest Lecturer on Ecological Balance.
Extension activities:
  • School Adoption
  • Helping hands.
  • Identifying NGO working for child welfare.


Motto: "To promote the humanitarian values, which encourage respect for other human beings and willingness and to work together and thereby solution to problems."

The following activities are planned for this academic year:
  • Inauguration and orientation
  • First aid training programme.
  • One day camp.
  • Disaster management training programme.
  • Street plays.

FEST FORUM (Talent Hunt)

Motto: "To provide platform for every student to bring out in himself the best of what he can be."

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Conducting inter-class fest for first years.
  • Organizing Genesis.
Extension activities: Providing necessary guidance, help to first year students of other college to enable them to take part in Genesis.


Motto: NOT ‘I’ BUT ‘WE’

The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Orientation
  • Inauguration
  • Uniform distributors to School Children at Varkadi
  • Inter Collegiate Leadership Camp
  • Eye testing and Medical camp at Someshwar
  • One day camp at Someshwar
  • Independence Day celebration
  • Tree Plantation
  • Training Goverment School children at Varkadi
  • One day camp at Gandhi Park
  • Street Play at Railway Station
  • Sharadha Pooja at Library
  • Blood grouping & Donation Camp at Neham Nagara
  • Annual 7days Training Camp
  • Beach Cleaning Camp
  • Visit to Jail
  • Visit to Old Age Home
  • Trucking Camp
  • Street Play at KSRTC Bus Stand
  • Guest Lecture
  • Blood grouping & Donation Camp at College
  • Street Play at State Bank
  • Valedictory


The Placement Cell plays a very important and key role in counseling and guiding the students for their successful career placement which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic programme of the students and their entry into the suitable employment. This cell also coordinates various activities related to the career of the students along with the industrial training. The following activities are planned for this academic year
  • Inviting various corporate houses and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) regularly for campus recruitment to conduct various tests and group discussions.
  • To provide guidance to students in career planning, resume preparation, to prepare for an interview, to improve their communication skills, employability skills, tips for group discussion, and how to prepare for competitive examinations.
  • Enhancing Industry - Institute Interaction activities.
  • Organising industrial visits for students and faculty to various industries and institutions as recommended by the college.
  • Organising behavioural training programmes to bring about an overall development, improve self- esteem and confidence level, develop better presentation skills, learn to communicate well and participation in GDs, Mock personal interviews, etc.

Departments and Cells

  1. Financial Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Commerce
  5. Economics
  6. BUsiness Law
  7. Computer Application
  8. English
  9. Hindi
  10. Physical Education
  11. Research Cell
  12. Entreprenerrship Development Cell
  13. Library